What We Stand For

We are committed to Quality, Value, and Innovation.

Founded by our father, Diamatrix was established with a passion for participating in global efforts to prevent blindness by creating innovative ideas to bring improvements to the practice of ophthalmic surgery. The values of Quality, Value, and Innovation are imbued in our mission as a family-owned business.

As the next generation of Diamatrix, we are committed to continuing the legacy of our father’s passion for ophthalmology. We work closely with practicing physicians worldwide and participate in the shared mission of correcting and preventing global blindness and endeavor to develop ideas that enhance vision care globally. Through strategic partnerships, we raise international vision care standards. Committed to excellence, we prioritize delivering high-quality products that bring lasting value, ensuring a significant and enduring impact on vision health globally and in our community.

Diamatrix Logo

Today, Diamatrix offers a variety of incisional instruments. We proudly continue to offer our high-quality diamond knives in addition to our guarded and unguarded stainless steel knives. Our ExactEtch suture line and our XpandNT Iris Speculum are just a couple of ways we continue to deliver quality, value, and innovation to Ophthalmic surgeons, nurses, and their patients.

We maintain a rigorous quality management system to ensure you are using the best products available today. Our system is certified to FDA cGMP, ISO 13485:2016, CMDR (Canada), MDD93/42/EEC (EU) and JMDQMS Ordinance 169 (Japan) standards and we are constantly improving our processes.

Return Policy

Unopened items returned for credit must be accompanied by an RGA (returned goods authorization number) and the reason for the return

Merchandise that will not be accepted:

  • Custom or Special Order products
  • Merchandise not in standard Diamatrix packaging
  • Expired or Discontinued products

Allowance Schedule for acceptable returns:

Full Credit:

  • Merchandise defective at time of receipt by customer
  • Merchandise shipped in error
  • Saleable merchandise returned in factory condition within 30 days

80% Credit:

  • Saleable merchandise returned in factory condition within 30-90 days

50% Credit:

  • Saleable merchandise returned in factory condition 90-180 days

No Credit:

  • Merchandise returned +180 days from invoice date or unsuitable for resale

NOTE: Customer must prepay all freight charges on stock returns except for defective material or merchandise shipped in error.

Founder’s Message

Diamatrix Ltd strives for Quality, Value, and Innovation.  We achieve these ideals by working in partnership with ophthalmic surgeons and staff to introduce patented technology, such as our Sharps Snap-Safe™  safety handle, E-series diamond knife and our newest product; the XpandNT®.

We offer the highest quality materials in all our products.  To address the needs of our clients we offer ophthalmic blades in four materials: natural diamond, CVD “Black” diamond, sapphire, and stainless steel.

We help drive value to hospitals, surgery centers, and physician-owned ASCs by promoting the proper care and cleaning of instruments and carry a full line of products that extend the life of these exquisite devices.

We continue to innovate, working with individuals and foundations throughout the ophthalmic industry to develop new products.

Diamatrix also offers various instruments for specialty ophthalmic applications such as LRI and other refractive procedures, Phakic IOL implantation, NPDS procedures, and our new Xpand NT Iris Expansion System.

It is my sincerest hope that our products help you achieve your goal of exceptional patient care.

Ronald E. Dykes, Founder