Diamatrix: American Crafted Instruments

Diamatrix now offers American Crafted Ophthalmic Instruments

Made right here in the USA, our ophthalmic instruments are crafted using the best stainless steel and titanium available for instruments.

Engineered, built, and finished by over 20 expert craftspeople who love creating product to help surgeons and nurses do what they do best. Diamatrix is excited to begin this new venture and we look forward to bringing you outstanding ophthalmic instruments that exceed your expectations.

To cross-reference any instrument, please contact us at cs@diamatrix.com or call us today 800.867.8081

If you or your doc is headed to the Big Easy we’d love to meet you…

If you or your doc is headed to the Big Easy we’d love to meet you…

We are looking forward to this weekend and we’re hoping you can swing by and meet us!

We are going to be having some great deals on all our products. We are also very excited to introduce our X1 Iris Speculum. This ready-loaded device is designed for small pupil management and IFIS and has been called “Amazing” by surgeons, techs, and administrators.


Check out our innovative Diamond Knife Builder

We are proud to announce the launch of our Online “Build Your Own Diamond Knife” program!

The innovative concept was first launched at 2017’s ASCRS. Surgeons and administrators from around the world were able to easily choose the diamond blade and handle configuration they wanted. Now online, the interactive program allows you to order your diamond knife with confidence, directly from our online store.

Try our Build Your Own Diamond Knife experience, today!



A revolution in small pupil management

THE WOODLANDS, TX – May 13th, 2016 – Diamatrix LTD, innovators in ophthalmic surgical solutions, is proud to announce an extension of its ability to drive value and results to the industry.  Two years ago, we released the first ever multi-use iris expansion system, the XpandNT.  The XpandNT, provides unsurpassed access to the anterior segment via the primary incision, and creates value by being reusable up to five uses per ring.  Surgeons’ reactions to the device has been overwhelmingly positive. In response to feedback from our customers, we designed a sterile single-use version of the device that is identical in form, function, and delivery method.

Superior in both form and function, the XpandNT simplifies the management of complicated cataract cases stemming from IFIS, or dilation limiting factors.  Our biocompatible Nitinol ring is flexible and provides 6.7mm of near circular, mechanical dilation.  The XpandNT’s smarter design allows for easier rotation and a clearer pathway for instruments.  Overall, the device is superior to any pupillary expansion device currently on the market.

Now available in both Single and Multi-Use formats; the XpandNT provides all the above surgical benefits at a price point that is mindful of today’s fiscal environment.

The XpandNT Single-Use Iris Speculum is packaged 5 rings per box.  Diamatrix offers the required instrumentation in a bundled discount at the time of purchase.  All instrumentation is interchangeable between the multi-use and the single-use device.

For more information, or to setup a clinical evaluation, call 800.867.8081 or visit Diamatrix.com.



We’ll be at ASCRS 2016: Booth 744

We are looking forward to ASCRS 2016. In fact, its right in our backyard. We’d love to meet you and tell you all about our show specials. More importantly, we’d love for you to come see our Single-Use XpandNT. We are launching it at the show. Make sure you come by and see what surgeons are calling “The superior iris expansion device”!


We Are Live!

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