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Diamatrix Diamond Knives

XpandNT Iris Speculum

Diamatrix’s Diamond Knives are the pinnacle of ophthalmic incision instrumentation. Our gem quality diamonds provide surgeons a knife that delivers on quality and value. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, we have a diamond that fits your need.

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The XpandNT is an excellent small pupil management device. There is one XpandNT iris speculum loaded in each ready to use X1 Ready-Loaded Iris Speculum.

ProTekt Stainless Steel Knives

ExactEtch Stainless Steel Knives

In ophthalmology, 51% of all needle-stick injuries happen in the OR. Of those injured, nurses are the most likely to sustain injury. Diamatrix created our ProTekt Sharps Safety knives to protect nurses and doctors. Mitigate the risk and order ProTekt Sharps Safety Knives.

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Employing a proprietary process ExactEtchTM knives provide the consistent sharpness and dimensional precision demanded by ophthalmic surgeons. Our non-grinding process offers unlimited geometric shapes not readily achievable with traditional knife fabrication.

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ExactEtch Suture

Miscellaneous Instruments

Ordering quality suture can be a daunting. Diamatrix strives to make ordering  simple by providing quality suture at reasonable prices.  Order our ExactEtchTM suture online and save time and money.


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If you are looking for our DiaClean diamond knife cleaner, or ICL instruments, our online store is the place to be. If your looking for other instruments, please shoot us an email and let us help find what you’re looking for.