• 6.75mm of near-circular dilation
  • Never Pinches the Pupillary Margin
  • Delivers a Clear Path for Instrumentation
  • Intuitive placement with easy manipulation
  • Creates a stable platform for IFIS and loose zonules

The XpandNT Iris Speculum is the the most technically advanced pupil expansion ring available on the market. Designed for surgeons and appreciated by nurses, the XpandNT is an excellent tool to assist with small pupil management, IFIS, and interoperative pupillary miosis. Forged from a memory metal, the low profile XpandNT doesn’t pinch the iris like most devices, it gently cradles the pupillary margin and allows for a more natural mechanical opening. Because of its unique design, the device stable, easier to manipulate, and provides clear access for all ophthalmic instrumentation.

Get to know the XpandNT.

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