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Ophthalmic Knives that are a cut above!

In 1992, Diamatrix launched ophthalmology’s first trapezoid diamond knife. This design ushered in clear-corneal cataract surgery. Today, Diamatrix offers a full line of ophthalmic knives designed to create exceptional incisions.

Over the past 2 1/2 decades Diamatrix introduced many more  designs and materials, all designed to help surgeons get the most value out of their knives.

Our legacy of quality, value, and innovation is imbued in every diamond knife we sell. This is evidenced in our “Continued Commitment” guarantee.  As a result, ophthalmologists from around the world seek out our diamond knives.

Our ProTekt stainless steel knives, were the first reusable “sharps safety” knife on the market. The ProTekt brand has been used in over 2.5 Million cataract cases and is the standard in guarded ophthalmic knives.

Another exceptional option for your OR is our ExactEtch stainless steel knives. Introduced in 2009 they quickly became one of the most popular knives in the industry. Through our proprietary process, ExactEtch stainless steel ophthalmic knives offer a consistent sharpness and dimensional precision beyond what is found in a typical “convenience pack”.

  • Diamond Knives

    Diamond Knives

    30 years ago, Diamatrix helped to usher in the era of clear corneal cataract surgery. Today, ophthalmology’s best use Diamatrix diamond knives. Nothing compares to a Diamatrix diamond knife in terms of sharpness, consistency of incisions, and quality. Surgeons using our knives are able to deliver exceptional surgical outcomes and drive value into their practice by using an ophthalmic knife that can last indefinitely with proper care. Click here to learn more about Diamatrix Diamond Knives, or browse and purchase from the product categories below.
  • ProTekt Stainless Steel Knives

    ProTekt Stainless Steel Knives

    Our ProTekt Sharps Sharps Safety knives were engineered with Sharps Injury Protections built into the handle. The fully integrated sliding handle meets the requirements for the 2001 Needlestick Saftety and Prevention Act. Not only safer for surgeons, nurses, and patients, our ProTekt knives possess unequaled sharpness and multi-use availability.
  • ExactEtch Stainless Steel Knives

    ExactEtch Stainless Steel Knives

    Exact Sharpness, Exact Consistency, Exact Design Our ExactEtch™ brand knives are crafted using our proprietary non-grinding process. This process ensures the structure of the knife edge is consistently sharp and dimensionally precise.
  • Gem Knives

    Gem Knives