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ProTekt Stainless Steel Knives

Our ProTekt Sharps Sharps Safety knives were engineered with Sharps Injury Protections built into the handle. The fully integrated sliding handle meets the requirements for the 2001 Needlestick Saftety and Prevention Act. Not only safer for surgeons, nurses, and patients, our ProTekt knives possess unequaled sharpness and multi-use availability.

  • ProTekt Multi-Use

    ProTekt Multi-Use

    Our multi-use design, provides the same unequaled sharpness and Sharps Safety feature as our single-use knives, but are validated for multiple uses.
  • ProTekt Single-Use

    ProTekt Single-Use

    Designed to protect surgeons, nurses, and patients; our Patented design ProTekt Sharps Safety Knives provide perfect incisions, CMS compliance and OSHA compliance. Our ProTekt single-use knives are the finest available to the ophthalmic surgeon.