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Diamond Knives

30 years ago, Diamatrix helped to usher in the era of clear corneal cataract surgery. Today, ophthalmology’s best use Diamatrix diamond knives. Nothing compares to a Diamatrix diamond knife in terms of sharpness, consistency of incisions, and quality.

Surgeons using our knives are able to deliver exceptional surgical outcomes and drive value into their practice by using an ophthalmic knife that can last indefinitely with proper care.

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  • Primary Incision Knives

    Primary Incision Knives

    Diamatrix E-Series Trapezoid design uses the latest technology to produce an eccentric, bevel-up configuration while retaining an ultra thin quality. Our design counters the corneal shape, enabling a more linear incision. This allows the surgeon to construct a self-planing, self-sealing wound that is significantly less prone to leakage and stretching.
  • Secondary Incision Knives

    Secondary Incision Knives

    The most versatile knives in a surgery center, our paracentesis, LRI, and Groove knives are available in a wide array of configurations and combinations.
  • Diamond Knife Repair and Service

    Diamond Knife Repair and Service

    Looking for diamond knife repair, diamond knife re-configurations, or other gem knife services? Diamatrix has been a leader in all diamond knife services since 1992. If you'd like more information on diamond knife care and cleaning, or information on our no-cost annual cleaning and inspection services click the image below, or call us at 800.867.8081. To schedule a repair and request an RGA/RMA, give us a call or follow this link to our Service and Repair Request page.