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Founded in 1993 by Ron Dykes, Diamatrix helped usher in a new era of cataract surgery with its revolutionary Trapezoid diamond blade. Designed in conjunction with Clear Cornea pioneer, Dr. Charles H. Williamson, M.D. of the Williamson Eye Center in Baton Rouge, this patented blade design helped make Clear Cornea Cataract Surgery the most effective and efficient surgical procedure today. Diamatrix was also the first company to introduce and promote a care and cleaning procedure for diamond knives, helping facilities keep their investment working like new.

Today, Diamatrix offers a variety of materials and handle designs for our incision instruments. We proudly continue to offer our high quality diamond knives and guarded and unguarded stainless steel knives. Our commitment to our customers extends beyond our knives. Our ExactEtch suture line and our XpandNT Iris Speculum are just a couple of ways we continue to deliver quality, value and innovation to Ophthalmic surgeons, nurses, and their patients.

The Diamatrix Difference.

Our research and development team have a legacy of working directly with Ophthalmologists to invent products.
We have consultative sales representatives that help our practices with efficiency and growth.
We work to help physicians with better planning and delivery times.
A company built on honesty and integrity.

We want doctors and nurses to not have to worry about their tools.

Our Purpose is You

At Diamatrix, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, valuable, and innovative surgical products to ophthalmologists worldwide; enabling surgeons and nurses to deliver exceptional patient outcomes. We offer exceptional quality ophthalmic knives, suture, and instruments that drive value. Since 1993, Diamatrix has been at the forefront of innovation.

Our flagship Williamson Trapezoid Diamond Knives helped usher in the era of Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery. Today, Diamatrix is the only manufacturer that offers ProTekt : single-use and multi-use guarded stainless-steel knives which help facilities reduce costs with out sacrificing quality.

Our newest product, the XpandNT is the preferred pupil expansion device. It’s unique ability to capture both iris and capsule (Iris-Capsule Capture) sets this device apart, allowing for unparalleled capsular support.

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