Slide Provide stabilization and suspension
of the lens capsule in cases of:
- Weak or missing zonules
- capsular instability
- lens fragment migration
- ifis
Pat: 10357235b2 DISCOVER MORE iris-capsular
Using our patented X1 Iris Speculum,
simultaneously capture both the iris
and anterior capsularhexis.

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Our Purpose is You

At Diamatrix, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, valuable, and innovative surgical products to ophthalmologists worldwide; enabling surgeons and nurses to deliver exceptional patient outcomes. We offer exceptional quality ophthalmic knives, suture, and instruments that drive value. Since 1992, Diamatrix has been at the forefront of innovation. 

Our flagship Williamson Trapezoid Diamond Knives helped usher in the era of Clear Corneal Cataract Surgery. Today, Diamatrix is the only manufacturer that offers ProTekt: single-use and multi-use guarded stainless-steel knives which help facilities reduce costs with out sacrificing quality.

Our newest product, the XpandNT is the preferred pupil expansion device. It’s unique ability to capture both iris and capsule (Iris- Capsule Capture) sets this device apart, allowing for unparalleled capsular support. 

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