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Diamatrix Diamond Knives

Diamatrix Diamond Knives

Sharp. Enduring.

A Legacy of Quality, Value, and Innovation

Since 1992, we have provided our knives and diamond service options to the world’s finest surgeons. Explore the sections below to discover how Diamatrix Diamond Knives can bring value to your facility.

Diamond Quality

Simply put, a gem quality diamond knife is the best instrument to create an incision in the eye. Exquisite feel and sharpness, superior wound healing, predictably consistent incisions, and cost-effectiveness are some of the features that make Diamatrix diamond knives an corneal surgeons preferred knife.

Diamatrix quality extends past the tip of our angstrom sharp edges. Our diamond knife blades have the tightest tolerances in the industry (+/- 5microns), longer premium diamond lengths, and are set in a high quality titanium handle.

If you consider Diamatrix diamond knives on quality alone, you will see why Diamatrix is the diamond knife of choice.

Economics of Diamond Ownership

Download our interactive cost comparison tool to help determine if Diamatrix Diamond Blades make sense for you.

Care & Cleaning

The Surgical Advantage

The namesake of our Williamson Trapezoid, explains why diamonds are his blade of choice in this article.