Check out this video where Dr Donaldson discusses pupillary miosis complications during FLACS.

The XpandNT ring is available in both a single and multi-use version

XpandNT can help with that.

According the Dr Ralph Chu, of Chu Vision Institute, The XpandNT allows surgeons to perform femtosecond capsulorhexis and lens fragmentation in patients with small pupils preoperatively. This ability to perform femtosecond laser capsulorhexis can be very helpful in patients who have chosen a premium IOL, but have poor pupillary dilation. The XpandNT is incredibly stable when once inserted and can be used during femtosecond laser capsulorhexis and lens fragmentation. [YouTube]

Adding the XpandNT as a potential tool in your pre-operative plan can reduce the stress of both small pupil complications and floppy iris syndrome.

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